Are You Focusing On The 20% Of Your Direct Mail Campaigns?

Did you know that 80% of what you make will come from 20% of what you do? It’s true, and you should strive to learn how to make the 80/20 rule work in your business. This is something that a lot of people strive to learn how to do, but don’t understand how to make it work for their business however.

And when it comes to direct mail, you need a lot of things to go right if you want to have success. The first thing that you will need to learn how to do is copywriting. Copywriting is the process of writing an ad or direct mail piece – that is typically used to generate higher response rates than usual.

So if you run an ad or direct mail piece and it doesn’t produce, consider tweaking some of the factors of your ads. Or simply, you can hire a copywriter to do it for you. Copywriters will charge you thousands of dollars for their services, but more than likely, the copy that they produce will be so outstanding, that it would make you wonder why in the world they offer so little for their services.

To succeed with direct mail, you have to be consistent. There’s a rule of life that has stuck with me till this day, and is very important for the success of your business. That rule is the 80/20 rule. 80% of profits that you make will come from 20% of what you do. And vice versa.

If you didn’t already know, success in your business lies all in your hands. You have the ability to turn it around in a snap, and this is something that direct mail will allow you to do. But if you want direct mail to work well for you, then you will have to follow a few key rules on how to make more money in your business.

One thing that you should never do is leave your direct mail strategy in the realm of brand advertising. First of all, you should never use brand advertising because it isn’t able to be tracked at all. So you don’t know who’s looking at it, whether or not people are calling, and whether or not your ad is work. This is why I don’t recommend brand advertising. It’s a wasteful form of marketing.

Instead use direct response marketing so that you can track your results. Even if you mail to California and Texas, you can run campaigns to see which state is more profitable. And once you find out this information, you should run your direct mail campaigns over and over to one of these states (or both!) to become profitable in a short period of time.

Direct mail shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s something that really earn you a lot of money. If you really want to go down this path and use direct mail as a way of getting customers, then go for it. You never know the kind of response you will get from it. Just make sure that the list is targeted, and that you have the ability to get as specific as possible. Getting more specific will cost you money, but its ROI is never in doubt.

Good luck with using these tips to help you to earn as much money as possible in your business.

5 Network Marketing Tools to Build Your Business on the Internet

This is an article about network marketing tools you can use to build your business on the Internet today. More people are successful all around the world in network marketing thanks to the various tools they can use to become automate their Internet business.

Here are five of them!

1. Landing Page. Do not make the mistake of sending traffic directly to you or network marketing website. Most companies will provide you with a replicated website for retailing products and sponsoring new distributors.

The problem with promoting these pages directly is you have no way to follow up in the future with your prospects. You also have no control over these pages therefore you cannot make changes to them whenever you want.

Promoting a landing page is a good way to build an email list and follow up with your prospects in the future. It also gives you the flexibility of promoting whatever you want and making changes at any time.

2. Your Own Blog. A blog is required if you want to do business on the Internet today. Search engines love blogs and so do your readers.

They can be a tremendous source of prospects for your network marketing business. They can be extremely helpful in building your credibility online and they are a lot of fun to maintain.

3. Social Networking. You should join two sites in particular. Those sites would be Facebook and Twitter.

If you enjoy social networking you can certainly join more of these types of sites. They are good place to make friends and meet new people online. They are also a great way to promote your network marketing Internet business.

4. Autoresponder. This may be the most valuable network marketing tool you use. An autoresponder is an automatic way to send email. Two of the best one are Get Response and Aweber.

These allow you to pre-program messages in advance and to input your prospects name and email address into them. Building a large list is an asset that can pay you back in terms of new customers and distributors in your MLM business.

5. Skype. Although you can spend the majority of your time getting traffic and not dealing with people directly Skype is a helpful tool.

You can join for free and with the use of a microphone and speakers can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free. This is a great way to keep in touch with new prospects in your business and some leaders to offer the most potential.

The Value in Letting Return on Investment Drive Your Marketing Decisions

Based on the topics I write about, it could be easy to assume that I am against all forms of traditional marketing. This is not true. I am against marketing that requires a heavy investment on the front-end and that has a high or unknown cost per lead. In other words, in many cases I think companies take a great risk by using mass media such as television and newspapers to promote their business. A more prudent course in many cases is to use marketing strategies that place your message in front of a well defined group of people (your target market) and that has a lower cost per lead than mass media.

That is why my company still uses direct mail even though we are an Internet marketing company. Our sales letters go to a specific group of people whom we have determined would benefit from our services and are in a position to purchase them. Each letter costs us about fifty cents, which is way less that would cost as with mass media to reach those specific people.

That is also why I love search engine marketing and social media marketing. These marketing techniques get our message in front of exactly the people who need our services or who are potential referral sources. And we accomplish this not with a large cash outlay but by simply talking about and writing about the things we do (which we like to do anyway).

Also, we’re discovering that search engine optimization and social media and direct mail are not mutually exclusive. For instance, when we update one of our blogs, there is a search engine optimization effect because we are creating keyword rich content that links to our main web sites. Our blog posts then become the source of group discussion material in social networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. When we send out a sales letter out, we always reference our web site.

All of this marketing is very low cost and highly targeted. It is also ROI (return on investment) driven. ROI is a wonderful gauge for comparison. I don’t think you can say the same thing about a TV ad. However, if you’ve got the cash to burn and are looking to generate a branding effect, then mass media is invaluable.