farm safety 31 december 2021

The term housekeeping, when applied to farming and agricultural operations does carry some sense of what it means in the hospitality industry, and in general domestic and commercial service.

Housekeeping is a word that prefers really to all areas of a operation being kept in good order, being kept clean and being kept safe.

On a farm or agricultural operation, there are a number of different areas that need to be kept continually safe and clean, both the good running of the business itself, but also for the safety of the employees and of the family who own or run a company.

Farms traditionally revolve around agricultural machinery, mainly tractors, combine harvesters, utility vehicles, as well as a number of different cars and trucks.

Depending upon the nature of the work at the farm is involved in, there may well be different chemicals, different pieces of machinery and different tools all of which could pose a potential hazard.

Housekeeping is are keeping all of these areas safe, on a continual basis, and making sure that anyone involved in any area of this work has an attitude that these areas are important and need to be kept free from any risk or danger to any individual, whether an employee, a member of the family or a member of the public who may be on the farm for different reasons.

Any area that is considered a work area, whether it includes machinery or livestock or anything else, needs to be designated as a potential risk zone, and such strict housekeeping protocols need to be in place in order to safeguard the well-being of everyone who may on any occasion be there.

Housekeeping practices include the need to recognise appropriate storage, how any materials or equipment that are kept in this area are used and also how any mistakes or spillages or damage machinery are cleaned up or dealt with for repair.

Where good housekeeping practices are protocols are not in place it creates a potential hazard. Housekeeping is a preventative measure, and is about attitude and practice.

Encouraging people to keep an area clean is a prerequisite of most good housekeeping protocols. This can include informal picking up of rubbish or debris that may be lying around, as well as a more formal cleaning protocol with certain people designated to make sure that all areas are kept clean on a regular basis.

Storage is crucially important, both at a practical level and also has an attitude of good housekeeping practice. The old expression a tidy mind applies very much to this area. If an area looks unkempt, it is likely that there are a number of practices that could be considered unsafe or sloppy, which could ultimately lead to more hazards and risks.

Housekeeping is primarily about preventing injury. Health and safety has become a term that many people either slightly ridicule, or think it’s just an excuse to be risk averse. It is in fact quite the opposite. It is about understanding the nature of risk in order to evaluate the acceptability of a risk, and take whatever precautions may be necessary.

Are you keeping your mobile workers safe with Vehicle Tracking Software?

No matter which industry your company operates in, if you employ a team of mobile workers, we know that their safety is your priority. As the crime statistics in South Africa continue to rise, it can be particularly challenging to keep remote workers safe. What are you doing to keep your team safe on-site and en-route to job sites? While there are a few ways to protect your team, Vehicle Tracking Software is one of the best ways to keep your workers safe.

What is Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle Tracking Software is a system that makes it possible for you to view the live location of your mobile workers, see where they’ve travelled to, track their behaviour on the road, and implement reactive job planning based on their location.

How Vehicle Tracking Software can keep your team safe

Vehicle Tracking Software comes with many features that you and your admin team can use to keep mobile workers safe. While we’ve shared that you can use the software to track your vehicles and employees in real-time, you can also look back on past journeys to see where your employees have travelled to on previous trips. With real-time vehicle tracking, you can immediately send help to your workers if they’re in an accident or a dangerous situation. When you keep your mobile workers safe, they’ll be happy, and when they’re happy, they’ll be willing to go the extra mile and work hard. Another advantage is that you’ll keep your customers satisfied. If your mobile workers are safe and can get to job sites on time, they’ll get the job done and keep your promise to the customers.

Other benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Besides keeping your mobile workers safe, Vehicle Tracking Software offers other benefits. You can monitor fuel usage and mileage with vehicle tracking if you believe that your mobile workers use company vehicles after hours or for personal errands. You can also use the software to access driver behaviour reports, which can help you determine whether your mobile workers are driving dangerously, affecting their safety and others on the road. The software’s live map makes reactive job planning more manageable, as you can respond to emergency jobs quickly by finding and sending the nearest mobile worker to the job site.

The disadvantages of Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking Software can be a helpful tool for your company, but there are also downsides to using the software. The initial cost of investing in the software can be expensive, and it’s costly to use every month. Implementing the software can also cost you time, as you’ll need to train your mobile workers and admin team to use the system. While Vehicle Tracking Software can keep your remote technicians safe, they may feel that you’re constantly watching them or that it’s an invasion of privacy.

Should your business use Vehicle Tracking Software?

If you rely on the safety of your mobile workers, and you need them to get to multiple destinations to complete your projects, it’s time to invest in Vehicle Tracking Software. With so many benefits, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep your team safe during working hours.

What was the first liqueur ever made?

The different types of liqueurs found today, can all be generally classified into two categories: those with a sweet taste (such as fruit liqueur) and those with a bitter taste. The most popular type of liqueur is the sweet variety, which is often enjoyed as an after-dinner drink. Some well-known examples include amaretto, brandy, crème de cacao, and Irish cream, and include flavors such as pineapple pina colada and strawberry liqueur. Bitter liqueurs are usually consumed in smaller quantities and are considered more of an acquired taste; some people even describe them as being “harsh”. Examples of this type of liqueur include Campari, Fernet Branca and Jägermeister.

Liqueurs have been around for centuries, and were initially used as medicinal remedies. The first liqueur thought to be made was called Chartreuse, and it was created by the Carthusian monks in France in 1737. It was a blend of 130 different herbs and spices, and is still produced today. Other well-known liqueurs that were created in the 18th century include Grand Marnier, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Kümmel.

Liqueurs are made by distilling alcohol with various fruits, flowers, herbs, or spices. They can be either bottled straight away or allowed to age for a period of time; this gives them their characteristic flavor and color. Liqueurs are generally still used as a medicine to aid in digestion, and are usually consumed after a meal. However, in recent years they have become more popular as an alcoholic drink as well, and there are now many different types available to choose from.

5 Network Marketing Tools to Build Your Business on the Internet

This is an article about network marketing tools you can use to build your business on the Internet today. More people are successful all around the world in network marketing thanks to the various tools they can use to become automate their Internet business.

Here are five of them!

1. Landing Page. Do not make the mistake of sending traffic directly to you or network marketing website. Most companies will provide you with a replicated website for retailing products and sponsoring new distributors.

The problem with promoting these pages directly is you have no way to follow up in the future with your prospects. You also have no control over these pages therefore you cannot make changes to them whenever you want.

Promoting a landing page is a good way to build an email list and follow up with your prospects in the future. It also gives you the flexibility of promoting whatever you want and making changes at any time.

2. Your Own Blog. A blog is required if you want to do business on the Internet today. Search engines love blogs and so do your readers.

They can be a tremendous source of prospects for your network marketing business. They can be extremely helpful in building your credibility online and they are a lot of fun to maintain.

3. Social Networking. You should join two sites in particular. Those sites would be Facebook and Twitter.

If you enjoy social networking you can certainly join more of these types of sites. They are good place to make friends and meet new people online. They are also a great way to promote your network marketing Internet business.

4. Autoresponder. This may be the most valuable network marketing tool you use. An autoresponder is an automatic way to send email. Two of the best one are Get Response and Aweber.

These allow you to pre-program messages in advance and to input your prospects name and email address into them. Building a large list is an asset that can pay you back in terms of new customers and distributors in your MLM business.

5. Skype. Although you can spend the majority of your time getting traffic and not dealing with people directly Skype is a helpful tool.

You can join for free and with the use of a microphone and speakers can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free. This is a great way to keep in touch with new prospects in your business and some leaders to offer the most potential.