Direct Marketing – Face to Face Communication

Direct Marketing is this: If you are going to a party and you see a gorgeous girl in front of you, you go and talk to her and say, “Hi, I am George, who are you beautiful lady?” Seriously direct marketing is all about direct communication, feed back, call-to-action etc.

Marketers demand direct marketing because sometimes marketers wants quick responses from customers for the their promotions. As a marketer you can talk directly to the customers and can explain the pros and cons of the product and you can even demonstrate them too. Its give you an opportunity to convey the qualities of the your brand, product or any services. It is a one to one interaction between you and your client that acknowledges the clients need and offers to fulfill their demand and need the feedback of client to make the business successful. In this you have to meet people, form a good relationship, demonstrate the product, clear their doubts, sell the products on the spot, get positive response and then pack up and move to other person. This direct marketing at local level but with great response.

Secondly, Internet is accessible to every one now a days so it is easy for marketers to use direct marketing through internet and get quick response at huge mass level. you can reach to an extremely large number of your target audience. But the probability of response from target audience is very low. that’s why the companies which are involve in online direct marketing make ad also to attract the audience and to have visual communication with them, which is better them verbal communication. Similarly you are not able to talk to customers directly. And your competitors can steal you ideas can make better progress than you. It is not necessary that your target audience can understand what you want to say so it is quite difficult to explain the product or services through internet.

So, do you agree with me that success is not that how much you earn from the marketing but it is by the number of people who understand that what you want to say or give?