Are you keeping your mobile workers safe with Vehicle Tracking Software?

No matter which industry your company operates in, if you employ a team of mobile workers, we know that their safety is your priority. As the crime statistics in South Africa continue to rise, it can be particularly challenging to keep remote workers safe. What are you doing to keep your team safe on-site and en-route to job sites? While there are a few ways to protect your team, Vehicle Tracking Software is one of the best ways to keep your workers safe.

What is Vehicle Tracking Software?

Vehicle Tracking Software is a system that makes it possible for you to view the live location of your mobile workers, see where they’ve travelled to, track their behaviour on the road, and implement reactive job planning based on their location.

How Vehicle Tracking Software can keep your team safe

Vehicle Tracking Software comes with many features that you and your admin team can use to keep mobile workers safe. While we’ve shared that you can use the software to track your vehicles and employees in real-time, you can also look back on past journeys to see where your employees have travelled to on previous trips. With real-time vehicle tracking, you can immediately send help to your workers if they’re in an accident or a dangerous situation. When you keep your mobile workers safe, they’ll be happy, and when they’re happy, they’ll be willing to go the extra mile and work hard. Another advantage is that you’ll keep your customers satisfied. If your mobile workers are safe and can get to job sites on time, they’ll get the job done and keep your promise to the customers.

Other benefits of Vehicle Tracking Software

Besides keeping your mobile workers safe, Vehicle Tracking Software offers other benefits. You can monitor fuel usage and mileage with vehicle tracking if you believe that your mobile workers use company vehicles after hours or for personal errands. You can also use the software to access driver behaviour reports, which can help you determine whether your mobile workers are driving dangerously, affecting their safety and others on the road. The software’s live map makes reactive job planning more manageable, as you can respond to emergency jobs quickly by finding and sending the nearest mobile worker to the job site.

The disadvantages of Vehicle Tracking Software

Vehicle Tracking Software can be a helpful tool for your company, but there are also downsides to using the software. The initial cost of investing in the software can be expensive, and it’s costly to use every month. Implementing the software can also cost you time, as you’ll need to train your mobile workers and admin team to use the system. While Vehicle Tracking Software can keep your remote technicians safe, they may feel that you’re constantly watching them or that it’s an invasion of privacy.

Should your business use Vehicle Tracking Software?

If you rely on the safety of your mobile workers, and you need them to get to multiple destinations to complete your projects, it’s time to invest in Vehicle Tracking Software. With so many benefits, it’s a worthwhile investment to keep your team safe during working hours.