Email Marketing for Preschools: Why an Automated Email System Is Essential

Many preschools are turning to using automated email marketing systems to streamline their marketing efforts. There are just so many benefits that this method of marketing has become an essential way of doing business. This is true for marketing directed at both new subscribers and the current client base. Thankfully, there are many useful programs out there such as Constant Contact and Aweber that make this task even easier.

Reaching the Client

Unlike other marketing formats, email marketing has a high percentage of success rate at reaching the client base. Flyers and mail sent through the US post office may be tossed into the trash with barely a glance. However, email is a different story. It is estimated that over half of the internet users check their email daily. That’s a least a 50 percent success rate at reaching prospective clients. Plus, these are potential clients that have opted-in to receive the emails.

Marketing Analysis

One of the greatest benefits for your preschool using an automated email marketing system is the ability to track the success rate of the campaign. The system will literally give statistics on who opened emails, which has opted-out, and even who forwarded the email. This allows your preschool to make more informed decisions about further marketing campaigns and can even target certain people for further communications.

Parental Contact

Using an automated system also allows your preschool to increase parental contact with current clients. Most of these systems allow for list segmentation, which means your preschool can create a list just for current parents. This allows for general announcements to be sent out along with tips and helpful articles. On-going contact from the preschool can make parents feel more secure, which can lead them to make referrals.

New Subscribers

Email marketing can also be helpful in establishing a relationship with a potential new client. Here, immediacy and frequency are the keys. Once someone has opted-in to receive communications, an automated system can send out welcome letters, informative articles that help drive the client back to the preschool’s website, and articles that detail the services offered. This will help the parent to get to know and trust the preschool.

Common Features

There are a variety of automated systems that can help a preschool with this type of marketing including Constant Contact, Aweber, and Microsoft Outlook. Some of the common features include personalizing emails, scheduling in intervals, responding to new subscribers, tracking responses, affiliation with social media, and list segmentation. Most of these programs are easy to use, efficient, and cost effective.

Automated email systems should be an essential part of your preschool’s marketing plan. Its efficiency allows your preschool to reach a broader client base than traditional forms. It also allows them to track the success rate of the marketing activities. Such programs as Constant Contact, Aweber, and Microsoft Outlook make reaching current clients and potential clients not only efficient but cost effective as well.

Direct Marketing – Face to Face Communication

Direct Marketing is this: If you are going to a party and you see a gorgeous girl in front of you, you go and talk to her and say, “Hi, I am George, who are you beautiful lady?” Seriously direct marketing is all about direct communication, feed back, call-to-action etc.

Marketers demand direct marketing because sometimes marketers wants quick responses from customers for the their promotions. As a marketer you can talk directly to the customers and can explain the pros and cons of the product and you can even demonstrate them too. Its give you an opportunity to convey the qualities of the your brand, product or any services. It is a one to one interaction between you and your client that acknowledges the clients need and offers to fulfill their demand and need the feedback of client to make the business successful. In this you have to meet people, form a good relationship, demonstrate the product, clear their doubts, sell the products on the spot, get positive response and then pack up and move to other person. This direct marketing at local level but with great response.

Secondly, Internet is accessible to every one now a days so it is easy for marketers to use direct marketing through internet and get quick response at huge mass level. you can reach to an extremely large number of your target audience. But the probability of response from target audience is very low. that’s why the companies which are involve in online direct marketing make ad also to attract the audience and to have visual communication with them, which is better them verbal communication. Similarly you are not able to talk to customers directly. And your competitors can steal you ideas can make better progress than you. It is not necessary that your target audience can understand what you want to say so it is quite difficult to explain the product or services through internet.

So, do you agree with me that success is not that how much you earn from the marketing but it is by the number of people who understand that what you want to say or give?

Why Local Direct Mail Orange County Advertising Works Best With OC Customers

The nature of Orange County (OC) makes Local direct mail Orange County the best tool to reach the target audience in the county. Unlike other major population hubs of the United States, which is identified with one or more major cities, OC does not have any defined urban center or a mega city. The county is largely suburban with downtown areas like Santa Ana, Fullerton, Anaheim, Irvin, Orange, and Huntington Beach. Of which Santa Ana serves as a government center, Anaheim as a flagship tourist destination, and Irvin as a major business and financial center. Hence, using local advertising Orange County in this case makes perfect sense.

Why local advertising Orange County?

Unlike mass media advertising which do not allow you to create and deliver custom ads to different groups of people, local direct advertising gives you an opportunity to craft a unique message each for each group of consumers. It fulfills the informational need of all the diverse groups that may benefit from using your products or services.

Talking of different groups I must direct your attention towards the population mix of the county.

  • OC is culturally diverse, and its population of 3 million is composed of Whites, African Americans, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Asians, Hispanic, Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders, etc.
  • 27% of its total population is Under 18
  • 9.4% lies in the age group 18-24
  • 33.2% falls in the age bracket 25 to 44
  • 20.6% belongs to the age group 45 to 64, and
  • 9.9% of OC citizens are 65 years old or older.
  • The needs, level of understanding, grasping power, and orientation towards life of each group is different, so they need to be treated differently.

Even if the product is same, a message that suits a person of 47 years old will sound utterly nonsense to a young adult who is 26. For example: A 47 years old person with a corporate job may look for mileage, safety, free insurance coverage, and lasting value in the car he is planning to purchase, whereas, a 26 years old corporate executive will look for style quotient, cool value, and probably mileage in the same car, despite his lower level of income than the former gentleman. Hence, when communicating to each one of them, we need to use different tone of voice and select different lingo.

This is what makes local direct mail Orange County advertising such a useful tool for an OC marketer.

How much will it cost?

Well, my style short and sweet answer will be minimal. But, I understand no matter how sweet this answer seems it is not going to sway your vote; therefore, I am offering a longer version of the answer.

Direct mail postcard Orange County, one of the direct marketing most potent tools, is the cheapest communication tool that you can use to convey your message effectively. And no matter how expensive a postcard becomes, it will never cost you even a dime more than a fraction of cost needed to book a 30-second commercial on television, or of the money needed to book postcard-size ad space in a national daily or periodical.

And what will be its effectiveness?

Well, you find the answer to this question on your own, and for that close your eyes for a while and think: Which has more chances of catching your attention, a postcard that you get in mail or a television commercial that they relay during the program breaks, or an ad inserted in any single edition of the newspaper?

Don’t tell me, I know the answer. I have tried it myself.

The cost of creating and delivering a direct mail campaign to your OC audience is so low that you can send out multiple versions of same message, just to see which one covert better. You cannot do with anything that goes on mass media. Such is the power of tools used by local direct mail Orange County marketers.