Email Marketing for Preschools: Why an Automated Email System Is Essential

Many preschools are turning to using automated email marketing systems to streamline their marketing efforts. There are just so many benefits that this method of marketing has become an essential way of doing business. This is true for marketing directed at both new subscribers and the current client base. Thankfully, there are many useful programs out there such as Constant Contact and Aweber that make this task even easier.

Reaching the Client

Unlike other marketing formats, email marketing has a high percentage of success rate at reaching the client base. Flyers and mail sent through the US post office may be tossed into the trash with barely a glance. However, email is a different story. It is estimated that over half of the internet users check their email daily. That’s a least a 50 percent success rate at reaching prospective clients. Plus, these are potential clients that have opted-in to receive the emails.

Marketing Analysis

One of the greatest benefits for your preschool using an automated email marketing system is the ability to track the success rate of the campaign. The system will literally give statistics on who opened emails, which has opted-out, and even who forwarded the email. This allows your preschool to make more informed decisions about further marketing campaigns and can even target certain people for further communications.

Parental Contact

Using an automated system also allows your preschool to increase parental contact with current clients. Most of these systems allow for list segmentation, which means your preschool can create a list just for current parents. This allows for general announcements to be sent out along with tips and helpful articles. On-going contact from the preschool can make parents feel more secure, which can lead them to make referrals.

New Subscribers

Email marketing can also be helpful in establishing a relationship with a potential new client. Here, immediacy and frequency are the keys. Once someone has opted-in to receive communications, an automated system can send out welcome letters, informative articles that help drive the client back to the preschool’s website, and articles that detail the services offered. This will help the parent to get to know and trust the preschool.

Common Features

There are a variety of automated systems that can help a preschool with this type of marketing including Constant Contact, Aweber, and Microsoft Outlook. Some of the common features include personalizing emails, scheduling in intervals, responding to new subscribers, tracking responses, affiliation with social media, and list segmentation. Most of these programs are easy to use, efficient, and cost effective.

Automated email systems should be an essential part of your preschool’s marketing plan. Its efficiency allows your preschool to reach a broader client base than traditional forms. It also allows them to track the success rate of the marketing activities. Such programs as Constant Contact, Aweber, and Microsoft Outlook make reaching current clients and potential clients not only efficient but cost effective as well.

Are You Focusing On The 20% Of Your Direct Mail Campaigns?

Did you know that 80% of what you make will come from 20% of what you do? It’s true, and you should strive to learn how to make the 80/20 rule work in your business. This is something that a lot of people strive to learn how to do, but don’t understand how to make it work for their business however.

And when it comes to direct mail, you need a lot of things to go right if you want to have success. The first thing that you will need to learn how to do is copywriting. Copywriting is the process of writing an ad or direct mail piece – that is typically used to generate higher response rates than usual.

So if you run an ad or direct mail piece and it doesn’t produce, consider tweaking some of the factors of your ads. Or simply, you can hire a copywriter to do it for you. Copywriters will charge you thousands of dollars for their services, but more than likely, the copy that they produce will be so outstanding, that it would make you wonder why in the world they offer so little for their services.

To succeed with direct mail, you have to be consistent. There’s a rule of life that has stuck with me till this day, and is very important for the success of your business. That rule is the 80/20 rule. 80% of profits that you make will come from 20% of what you do. And vice versa.

If you didn’t already know, success in your business lies all in your hands. You have the ability to turn it around in a snap, and this is something that direct mail will allow you to do. But if you want direct mail to work well for you, then you will have to follow a few key rules on how to make more money in your business.

One thing that you should never do is leave your direct mail strategy in the realm of brand advertising. First of all, you should never use brand advertising because it isn’t able to be tracked at all. So you don’t know who’s looking at it, whether or not people are calling, and whether or not your ad is work. This is why I don’t recommend brand advertising. It’s a wasteful form of marketing.

Instead use direct response marketing so that you can track your results. Even if you mail to California and Texas, you can run campaigns to see which state is more profitable. And once you find out this information, you should run your direct mail campaigns over and over to one of these states (or both!) to become profitable in a short period of time.

Direct mail shouldn’t be taken lightly and it’s something that really earn you a lot of money. If you really want to go down this path and use direct mail as a way of getting customers, then go for it. You never know the kind of response you will get from it. Just make sure that the list is targeted, and that you have the ability to get as specific as possible. Getting more specific will cost you money, but its ROI is never in doubt.

Good luck with using these tips to help you to earn as much money as possible in your business.

The Secrets To Increasing Your Response From Your Direct Marketing

There’s a lot of skepticism and questions about direct mail and more specifically about whether direct mail still works or not.

A few of the things to consider when you’re thinking about sending direct mail is whether to use a live stamp or not? Should you use a live stamp or is it OK to use or something similar? What about using the machine in my office? The answer is you want to use a live stamp every time. Every single time!

You’re trying to make your mail look as personal as possible. Let’s face it, does your brother send you a birthday card using Probably not – he probably uses a live stamp. You should too – use live stamps. It looks more personal when you use a live stamp. And, the bottom line, for your business is that it gets better results.

When you know you get better results with something, you don’t always have to ask why. Just do it. And, make sure you always do it – not just sometimes, or when it’s easy or convenient… do it all the time.

Here is another tip for you regarding stamps. A crooked stamp will out pull a stamp that’s sitting at a 90 degree angle. Does grandma go get her level to make sure the stamp is on exactly right when she sends you something in the mail? No, she just slaps it on, and you should too. Don’t worry about the stamps looking just so and being perfect – none of us are perfect and the stamps on your envelopes don’t have to be either.

Another thing to remember is that two stamps will out pull one stamp. It might be a little more work to put on two stamps instead of one, but if it doubles your results, do you really care?

It’s all about the return on your investment. It’s all about what happens on the backend – the sale. It doesn’t matter if it takes a little more work up front, if the result on the backend is better.

So, remember a crooked stamp out pulls a stamp at a right angle on the envelope. Second, two stamps out pull one. If you are doing direct mail and you’re using live stamps, like you should be, make sure they are crooked and use two, or more, stamps, not just one.

You should definitely be using direct mail in today’s market – and in every market really. There is no question direct mail works… you just have to make it work for you and your business.