5 Network Marketing Tools to Build Your Business on the Internet

This is an article about network marketing tools you can use to build your business on the Internet today. More people are successful all around the world in network marketing thanks to the various tools they can use to become automate their Internet business.

Here are five of them!

1. Landing Page. Do not make the mistake of sending traffic directly to you or network marketing website. Most companies will provide you with a replicated website for retailing products and sponsoring new distributors.

The problem with promoting these pages directly is you have no way to follow up in the future with your prospects. You also have no control over these pages therefore you cannot make changes to them whenever you want.

Promoting a landing page is a good way to build an email list and follow up with your prospects in the future. It also gives you the flexibility of promoting whatever you want and making changes at any time.

2. Your Own Blog. A blog is required if you want to do business on the Internet today. Search engines love blogs and so do your readers.

They can be a tremendous source of prospects for your network marketing business. They can be extremely helpful in building your credibility online and they are a lot of fun to maintain.

3. Social Networking. You should join two sites in particular. Those sites would be Facebook and Twitter.

If you enjoy social networking you can certainly join more of these types of sites. They are good place to make friends and meet new people online. They are also a great way to promote your network marketing Internet business.

4. Autoresponder. This may be the most valuable network marketing tool you use. An autoresponder is an automatic way to send email. Two of the best one are Get Response and Aweber.

These allow you to pre-program messages in advance and to input your prospects name and email address into them. Building a large list is an asset that can pay you back in terms of new customers and distributors in your MLM business.

5. Skype. Although you can spend the majority of your time getting traffic and not dealing with people directly Skype is a helpful tool.

You can join for free and with the use of a microphone and speakers can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free. This is a great way to keep in touch with new prospects in your business and some leaders to offer the most potential.

In Article Marketing Consider Your Reader’s Mindset

Quite simply, we put a lot of effort into article marketing in hopes of achieving one simple objective: Get more traffic!

Our articles accomplish this in one (or both) of two ways. First, readers might click the links contextually embedded within our articles or within the resource box at the article’s end, and search engine spiders will find our link and assign greater import to the linked page within our site, thereby eventually providing us with visitors who come from searches.

Trying to maximize our results from those two methods causes a problem. The pages that we want to optimize in the search engines may not be the same pages to which we would ideally send our article readers. Let me explain this problem in a little more detail.

Often we pay the most SEO attention to pages that generate revenue directly. We are optimizing, in those cases, for searchers who are in a buying state of mind–or at worst in the state of mind in which they just need a little shove to make that final decision.

On the other hand, the readers of our syndicated articles are, typically, at a much earlier stage in the decision making process. They are often in the very early phases of information gathering. That’s why they came to our article rather than going directly to a store or service provider.

Now, hang onto those two competing states of mind for a moment, while we consider how we construct pages on a business website. A basic marketing principle of good website design for a business is that any given page should be directed toward moving the visitor to one and only one action. That action might be buying or signing up to receive additional information (that we may hope to use to move them closer to deciding upon our product or service). So, if we absolutely obey the marketing rule, we can’t possibly optimize our most important pages and satisfy the human reader of our article, simultaneously–can we?

That is the dilemma we face. Should we focus our article marketing efforts on search engine optimization or providing a landing page for our readers that will give them what they actually want at this stage? Should we incorporate two objectives within a single page on our site, or ought we make a choice to abide by common sense marketing principles?

We must consider these options carefully in both our article syndication decisions and our copywriting decisions within the website itself.

Top 4 Article Marketing Headline Grabbing Strategies That Deliver Mass Traffic

Article headlines are the first thing a visitor reads that will either entice them to click on your article for more or push them away to another article someone else has written.

There is no getting away from this fact which ever way you spin it.

Making your headline compelling is one of the hardest issues to achieve, especially if your not wired that way.

My point here is fairly simple. If your not really wired for the marketing advertising headline game then don’t worry, most of us ain’t.

I’ll just quickly note 4 strategies that can make you a better headliner and perhaps help you achieve a greater click rate through to your article.

Tip #1. An Effective Headline Uses Numbered Lists To Attract Readers

Any headline that uses a numbered list will attract and compel a reader to click on your article. This will generally always work. Why? Because your giving those readers a specific promise. Your saying there are 4, 5 – 20 specific reasons you should read my article.

The down side, you’d better be delivering that specific promise with quality content, else you’ll be know as the “headliner dude” or as Tom Waites once quoted “The Big Print Giveth – The Small Print Taketh Away” dude and recognised as a writer with very little expertise or knowledge on your chosen subject.

Tip #2. Where Possible Use A Direct Headline

A direct headline works well because your basically telling the reader the bare bones of the article straight up. We’re all bombarded with headlines, marketing, advertising everyday, night and in between times so we’ve become somewhat accustomed to being nulled by excessive overblown headlines. In fact studies have shown the more basic & direct the headline, the more likely there is to be an action by the reader.

An example of a direct headline might be .. Mad 30% Off Sale On All Stock …. Or example two Free Marketing eBook Right Here Right Now

Tip #3. The “How to” Headline

Many advertising writers claim if you begin with the words how to, you can’t write a bad headline. Makes sense don’t it? Like most everyone we all want to know “how” this is or How that happened or How are we going to .. etc. It’s human nature to want to know “How”. Knowing how gets us to the steps to achieving our goals or objectives, so if-so facto, having a headline that tell the reader “How to get traffic to your blog” will instantly cause actionable intent and your reader will click to your article. It will cause even more intent if you add some superlatives like “How to get a stampede of targeted traffic to your blog”

Not just traffic, a stampede of traffic. Not just any traffic, targeted traffic. See?

Tip #4. The Question Headline

Probably one of the most used headline types in the world of internet. The question headline must do more than ask a simple question. It must be a question readers can relate to or empathise with. It must be a question that readers want answered. An example might be:

“Do You Always Lose Your Readers To Another Article?”

This question type headline hits the reader and relates to the reader straight away. Most readers searching for answers will empathise with the type of question because they actually are losing readers to other people articles, so it stands to reason they will want to click to your article cause your giving them an answer. So long as you really have an answer in the content, then this type of headline will work for you.

How to Direct More Traffic to Your Website – Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Attract More Traffic

Getting more traffic to websites is every marketer’s dream. When you have more traffic to your website, there are literally endless ways of monetizing it via Google AdSense, Amazon offers, eBay offers, ClickBank offers etc. The sky is the limit.

However to direct more traffic to your website, you first need to do a lot of grunt work. It is hard work if what you do is something that you don’t like or have no passion on. You will easily run out of steam and it would be just a matter of time before you lose interest and motivation to do what you should be doing.

This is where so many people go wrong.

They run after money than first asking themselves if it is something that they are interested and would do even if they would not be making a single penny. There is a difference because if you do something just for the sake of money, you will easily be frustrated by the results because you don’t have the patience to wait for the results. However if you do something that you are extremely passionate about, the results don’t matter so much because you like it so much that you would do it without seeking the monetary results.

So how to direct more traffic to your website?

First, pick a niche that you are interested or passionate about and make sure that it is a buying market. And if you want to know how a market is a buying one, enter a keyword in Google related to your niche and see the ads on Google. If there are pages and pages of ads, then you have a winner.

Second, go to forums and find out what people in your niche are talking about. Importantly make note of the commonly faced problems and see if you can offer a free report or make a free video on how to solve the problem. If you can, you can attract a boatload of traffic to your site.

Third tap into the various Social Media Marketing channels to maximize your exposure.

BUT- You know what the easiest way to get a boatload of targeted traffic is? It’s a little technique I like to call the REAL traffic secret…